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Hotlist Utah County Fixer Uppers

Get a List of Utah County Fixer Upper Homes

Are you looking for a list of Utah County fixer-upper homes? If you are an investor in Utah County and would like a fixer-upper be sure to be familiar with these facts:

(1) You are aware that these homes need work, (2) You are prepared to create a realistic budget ahead of time, and (3) You remember to leave yourself some financial "wiggle room." Considering these things, it is possible to find an ideal home for much less than what comparable homes, already in top condition, are selling for.

If you are the type of person who recognizes a "diamond in the rough" you’ll know a great deal when you see one and will be interested in our FREE Utah County Early Bird Buyer's Program. Our automated service searches all the new MLS (multiple listings service) listings from all Utah Real Estate companies, and downloads a current list of "fixer upper" properties that match your personal home buying criteria in your specified price range.

Our Utah County Early Bird Buyer's Program enables buyer's to get priority access to the hottest new listings, giving you the competitive edge in finding the best buys before other buyers in the Utah County Real Estate market even know they exist.

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To request your own, personalized list of the hottest, new fixer upper listings that match your criteria, simply fill out our Fixer-Upper Homes in Utah County.

hotlist utah county fixer uppers

Be Careful Buying Utah County Fixer Upper Home

For people who love old homes — and love to work on them — the notion of buying a fixer-upper can be irresistible. Just think: You can snag a rundown home in a good Utah County neighborhood for way below market price, invest some time and money renovating it, and end up with a like-new home that's worth about 30% more than you paid for it.

Sounds awesome, right? Often, it is. But buying a fixer-upper can be difficult. So before you take the plunge, make sure you have a realistic idea of what you're getting into. Many Utah County buyers consider their own labor free on a fixer-upper. Once the home is complete they do the math and sometimes find the purchase was not worth their time and effort. You don't want to create a job with risk where you only pay yourself $10 per hour. If you are going to take the risk of buying fixer-upper homes you need to make enough money to make it worth your time.

A Buyer must figure out what you should pay to buy a fixer-upper in Utah County. This starts with a simple equation. First, add up the costs to renovate the property based on a thorough assessment of the condition of the house. It is good to over extimate the repairs on the home. Be tough with this estimate, which should include materials and labor — yours and other people's. Next, subtract that from the home's likely market value after renovation, drawn from comparable real estate prices in the neighborhood. Then deduct at least another 10 percent for extras you decide to add and any unforeseen problems. Many buyers underestimate the repairs and are shocked when the final price of their home comes in after repairs are completed on the home. Get a Hotlist Utah County Fixer Uppers.

Hire a Professional Inspector When Buying a Home

A buyer in Utah County should hire a professional inspector to evaluate the home prior to the purchase. If you are buying fixer-upper homes you should use an home inspector. The inspector will assure you that the house is a good or bad investment. He will bring to light many needed repairs that you did not see. Make sure you are buying a home that is structurally sound and solid.

If a home has a structural problem forget about it and move on. It is not worth dealing with the expensive structural problems with a home. The real estate market is full of homes and you don't need a home with a structural problem. This type of home is difficult to sell. I have been selling homes in Utah County since 1995 and have sold over 1,000 homes. Guess what? I still hire an inspector to evaluate any rentals I purchase. It is the best money I spend on a home. My Utah County Inspector finds problems with every home that I had never considered every time.


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