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Utah County For Sale by Owner

For Sale by Owner Forms Needed When Selling a Utah Home

Here are some Real Estate Forms you will need when selling a home. It is advisable to consult a lawyer or a  Realtor when entering into a legally binding real estate purchase contract. 

Real Estate Purchase Contract

A Utah Real Estate contract is a contract for the purchase of real estate between parties. Real estate contracts are typically bilateral contracts (i. e., agreed to by two parties) and should have the legal requirements specified by contract law in general and should also be in writing to be enforceable. The seller typically collects an earnest money deposit on the home he/she is selling. Contingencies in the contract dictate the buyers right to cancel the contract.

Real Estate Purchase Contract Addendum

Addendums are used for a variety of reasons. One purpose of an addendum is to add more terms to the purchase contract. An addendum is used for either party to present a counter offer. Addendums can be used to state repairs and and other terms between the buyer and seller.

Seller's Property Condition Disclosure  

A Seller's Property Condition Disclosure is a very important document required in Utah. A Seller is legally required to make a full and honest disclosure about the property they are selling. The seller must disclose any material defects with the home. A for sale by owner that does not make full disclosure may find themselves in legal problems after a sale of their home.

Lead Based Paint Disclosure

The lead based paint disclosure is a federally mandated form disclosing the sellers knowledge of any lead paint that may be on the property.

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Do You Need Extra Help Closing Your Home?

I am happy to help you for free if you have questions. I enjoy helping for sale by owners. They have been good to me over the years. Many for sale by owners have asked me to help close the buyer and the entire transaction for a fee. I will do this if you need help closing the transaction.

Negotiating the price and terms can be very complicated. I am surprised how many for sale by owners accept offers without completely understanding the terms and how much money they will really get at closing.

I will help coordinate inspections and negotiate inspection repairs for you. I will assist you with all the paperwork and handle the earnest money and closing for you. I will do absolutely everything you need to get the home closed for only 1% of the sales price. You can finally sit back and relax now that you have found a buyer and leave the rest to a principal broker that has been selling homes for 20 years. I will take care of you and make sure you net the money you are expecting on the sale.

If you just want free advise that is great. I am here to help you either way. Simply give me a call and tell me what is going on.

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