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Best Price Selling Home in Utah

How to Get the Best Price on Your Utah County Home

The Utah County market has been hit hard the past five years. It's tough being the seller in a buyer's market. But you can improve your odds by making some smart adjustments. Get the best price selling in Utah by hiring professional Realtors. In many cases, making a smart deal and getting the best price come down to studying the Utah County Real Estate Market. Be sure to look at the sold data at the bottom of this page.  This research shows the current Real Estate trends in each Utah County city.

Recognize that housing markets are local. Home prices are like the weather — very different in different areas. Utah County has not been hit as hard as Las Vegas or Phoenix. However, the Utah County Real Estate Market started picking up in 2012. 

Demand will change depending on the price range and even the neighborhood. What you need to know: What's the demand for a house like yours in your area? Look at what's being sold and at what price. A good comparative market analysis is very important. To be absolutely sure your home is priced exactly right, contact Team Teasdale Realty to help you do an accurate comparative market analysis (CMA). This is completely free and without obligation. Team Teasdale Realty will help you get the best price when selling your home in Utah County.

best price selling home in utah

Look at comparables for similar houses. Study prices and sales for one year ago, six months ago, three months ago and current numbers.  What are the trends in Utah County and your specific city? Are prices going up or down — and by how much? How many days are homes staying on the market? If they are on the market longer, how much of that could be seasonal? Prices typically go slightly down in the winter in Utah County.

Analyze who is buying and selling in your part of Utah County. What's your competition? Who are the buyers, and why are they shopping? Keep in mind you will probably compete against a flood of new houses, Utah County Short Sales or Utah County Bank Foreclosures.  Approximately half of the homes for sale in Utah County are short sales or bank foreclosures. 

Ask Paul with Team Teasdale Realty about the current market conditions and sold prices in your neighborhood.  The absorption rate is very important to analyze.  What that means: In the current conditions with the current inventory, how long would it take the market to absorb, or sell, all the houses on the market?

Consider strategic pricing.  Here's how it works: If prices in your area are dropping 1% each month, and you want to sell within the next three months, you take 3% off your price right off the bat.  If you were going to put your home on the market for $300,000, you set the price at roughly $291,000.

The upside: You'll have the competitive edge over the guy who's dropping his price every month, without the air of desperation. Plus, in a market where prices are falling, you'll make more money if you sell quickly. Pricing your home correctly in the Utah County market is very important.  Despite what the news is telling you look at the data.  Home sales are down and slowly trending lower.  Look at the city SOLD links below.  This is the amount of homes sold in each Utah County city over the past several years.  Notice the median sold price has been going down from 2007-2011. The median sold price started improving in 2012.


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