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Home Listings in Utah County

Home Listings in Utah County Updated and Priced Correctly

Once your Utah County home has fallen out of escrow or sits on the market awhile, it is harder to get a good offer. Potential Utah buyers will think you might be getting desperate, so they will make lower offers. By overpricing your home in the beginning, you could actually end up settling for a lower price than you would have normally received. If you start out with a sales price that is too high, there is a high likelihood you interviewed other agents. hey didn't get the listing, of course. They got "aced out" by someone telling you what you wanted to hear.

Review the listing tactic of Buying a Listing in Utah County. If your listing agent routinely engages in "buying" listings, he has probably aced out scores of other agents in the same way. Being human, Realtors in Utah County talk to each other. If they don’t like your listing agent, not as many of them will be showing your home. Reputation is actually very important in this business. Keep Your Listings in Utah County Updated and Priced Correctly.

In short, you may have ended up with a Utah County Realtor who was good at selling you, but not good at selling your house. And you’re going to pay them a commission for it. This rewards negative behavior. It is human nature for you to want the highest price for your home. However, when you choose the Real Estate agent who promises what you want to hear, it often leads to stress and frustration. Most of the time, it will take you longer to sell your home. Possibly, you will end up selling at a lower price instead.

If you have photographs of your home in the snow and it is the summer change them. Keep all your pictures and marketing updated. If you have outdated pictures and information the buyers will feel your home has been listed for a while and won't want to pay you your asking price.

home listings in utah county

We've all seen homes for sale that linger on the market until the owners give up, only to list again. That can be a great marketing strategy, if you make changes.  You will get a new MLS number.  This is good because your listing will appear as a new listing in Utah County. 

When a home for sale sits on the market for 30 days or more, it's time to take a closer look at the pricing, marketing, condition or any combination thereof. If a seller hasn't had buyers walk through their doors in 30 to 45 days, they need to lower their list price.

If the home hasn't sold in six months, the asking price is off and the condition of the home may not be in the place it needs to be to attract buyers, and it's time to take it off the market. Re-listing the home is a way that sellers can say goodbye to stale and hello to home sale. If you home in Utah has been for sale for a while and you are not getting showings drop your price.

Often we tell people it won't sell at the price they want and people say, "I can't sell it for less because this is what I owe on my mortgage." The best price for your home sale is what buyers are willing to pay. So don't hesitate to undercut the competitor's price to get the sale. If you drop the price to a realistic number you might get an offer without another price reduction.

When you get an offer make it work out. Do what you can to close the deal. Sellers in Utah County should be more flexible and think about the long term. About half of the homes for sale in Utah County are short sales and bank foreclosures. If market conditions in Utah County worsen, today's low offer might end up being a price they wished they would have taken three months down the road. Keep your home listings in Utah County updated and priced correctly.

High quality photos are wasted on messy rooms. Even if it was spotless at the time you first listed, there's a chance you've grown tired of hiding that laundry basket and cleaning the toilet daily. Your furniture might need some rearranging as well. Spruce up the room and consider hiring a professional stager. Unfortunately, buyers can't see past the clutter, and sometimes neither can you.  Our Team member Dave Teasdale is not only experienced in selling homes in Utah County but he is a certified home stager.

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