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Utah Realtor: Letter of Recommendation

Orem Utah Buyer Recommends Hiring a Utah County Realtor

Thank you for the hard work you have done in selling our home.  I must be your worst customer.  My experience has led me to have very high expectations, very little trust, and no patience with realtors.  I greatly appreciate you honesty, your determination and patience, and most importantly, the fact that you get the results you promise.  These qualities differentiate you from other agents.

As you know, like many others we primarily offered our home "For Sale By Owner".  I had heard the horror stories of pushy realtors.  And as a sales and marketing professional having researched the Utah market, I felt confident that I could come up with a successful plan for marketing and eventually selling our home.  Nevertheless, after 3 months, several walk through, one offer (which fell through), and numerous annoying phone calls from real estate agents, my husband and I became tired of playing the "do-it-yourself" game. 

We hired a motivated, aggressive sales team from the largest real estate agency in Utah.  However, I soon came to the knowledge that most realtors are very good at convincing a home seller to list with them, and then they drop off the face of the earth.  During our time with them, we had few walk throughs, little advertising, and no follow through.  

Strong commitments which were made at the signing of the contract were mysteriously forgotten or vaguely pushed under the carpet.  I was disappointed and very angry at having been duped.  When that contract expired, I went back to the selling "For Sale By Owner", but will continue to interview agents.  I met or spoke with almost every realtor in Utah County, representing every major real estate agency.  But, having been cut from the same mold, none of them could prove results, or were willing to market and sell my house the way I wasn't its old.  Armed with experience, I was easily able to trap them in real estate "half truths" and outright lies.

At a friend's suggestion, I finally called you.  I expected to hear the same pitch, and was ready.  However, what I heard was differentiate from all the others.  Your marketing plan made sense and you were willing to alter it slightly, to be in line with my plan.  You also were able to show real results of past efforts.  I was unable to trap you in the usual lies, and for the first time in 6 months, I didn't feel like I was being snowed.  The best aspect of working with you was the active communication which took place during the marketing process.  I never had to call to ask what progress had been made in the sale of my home.  You were right on top of it.  Within 2 weeks of listing my home with you, you found a buyer.  One month later (after 8 months of previous efforts) my home was sold.

We feel that we have made a lifetime partner in real estate.  And trust is a commodity hard earned but well kept.  We will definitely be back should we ever need to buy or sell a home again.

Sandie J.
Orem,  Utah

utah county realtor letter recommendation

Positive Experience Hiring a Utah County Realtor

We were very impressed! We had thought about selling ourselves but we are so glad that Paul had to deal with all the problems. HA! We never regretted signing. These guys are very personable and trustworthy and we liked that they did everything we asked them to do. We'll tell everyone we konw who wants to buy or sell to go with Team Teasdale Realty!

"My House Hunting Experience was a Long One Before . . ."

My house hunting experience was a long one before finding Team Teasdale. Not only were they extremely professional but 100% confident in what they do. We had walked through a lot of houses and had offers on several short sales, before Team Teasdale. I thought the short sales we were looking at and making offers on were all going to work out. Truth is they weren't going to work out and we always hit a dead end. This was very discouraging. From the first phone call with Paul Teasdale I knew he was going to take my house hunting experience in the right direction. It was a short three weeks later and we had closed on a dream house.

Hire a Utah County Realtor to Sell Your Home.

Sold our house quickly. Answered all questions we had. Helpful. Friendly. Represented us well. (letter recommendation) Connect with Paul on Google +

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