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Moving Kids Utah County

Are You Moving with Kids in Utah County?

Moving homes is the third most traumatic event in a child's life, just after death and divorce. Not only do children have to adjust to a new home and school, but all their best friends will typically be left behind. There are many things that parents can do to make a move easier for their children.

Let Children Participate in Planning the Move - One of the most important things parents can do is to allow their children to participate in the planning process. In addition to helping with important decisions, children should be involved with packing and unpacking their own belongings. Knowing where their possessions are gives them some control over a situation that, otherwise, seems completely out of their control.

Leave a memorial behind. A child can plant a tree or hide a special toy where no one will ever find it. This creates a lasting connection and lets children feel that "they are a part of this house, and it's a part of them, even though they're moving to a new neighborhood."

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Exchange Gifts With Friends - It may also help your children to exchange gifts with some of their best friends. In doing this, they'll know that something of theirs is with their friends. They will always have something special to help them remember their friends. And--not to forget--it's always important to exchange e-mails and phone numbers so everyone can keep in touch. A reassuring phone call or e-mail can make it seem like nothing has changed at all.

A few years ago our family went on vacation to New York for one month. My son really missed his best friend who lives next door. On a few of the evenings, I let him use my cell phone to chat to his best friend for about 30 minutes. This helped him feel connected and happy.

When arriving in a new neighborhood, it's essential that parents walk the streets with their children, so they can become comfortable and familiar with their new surroundings. Before a child has to face a new school alone, it's a good idea to make a visit together to break the ice. Just knowing who the new teacher is and where the bathroom is located can reduce a great deal of anxiety.  Perhaps the most difficult moving experience for children is making new friends. This can be very awkward, but parents should take the time to teach their children how to easily introduce themselves. Using a few common tips, a child can have several new friends in no time.

Kids Feel Better After a Move - Most children adjust well in time and actually feel they're better off after a move. Children discover how moving can actually be fun, and in the end, they end up having even more friends. Always be positive in discussing the move with your children.

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