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Moving Pets Utah County

Tips to Help You Move With Pets Once Your Home is SOLD

I have seen many sellers become very stressed about moving their pets. Many pet owners leave their pets with their friends or relatives before the move. It is difficult to deal with your pets and move at the same time. Unfortunately, my kids lost their beloved cat in our last move. It was left in the garage and got out into a new environment and never returned. (Moving Pets Utah County)

Visit the Vet - Schedule an appointment with your veterinarian. Your pet should have a check-up before moving. Be sure to attain your pet's veterinary records so that they can be forwarded to your new veterinarian.

Moving Pets by Car - Many dogs and cats may find car travel extremely distressing. Some may even get car sick. You will have to be ready to make many stops along the way. Several small pets (such as birds, guinea pigs, etc.) can be easily transported via automobile. A good, simple way of keeping them calm and quiet is to cover the cage with a cloth.

A Short Move - For local moves, it probably makes the most sense to transport your pet in the car with you on moving day. Remember to make sure that your pet is safe. Keep your pet in an unused room, or perhaps even outside. And, as always, your pet should have plenty of fresh water and enough toys to occupy their time.

Moving Fish
- A pet shop will provide special fish containers to safely transport your fish.

Creating A Pet Pack - If you're moving your pet by car, there are several things you should plan on taking with you on moving day:

An old bed sheet or blanket to protect your car upholstery. A favorite toy or two and an old T-shirt or rag with your scent on it. Two plastic containers--one should have fresh water; the other should have food and treats. Medications that your pet may need. A leash for when you make rest stops with your pet.

Moving Pets Utah

If you will be transporting your dog or cat by air, you must have the following details in order:

A recent health certificate provided by your veterinarian A pet carrier that complies with airline regulations Don't forget to confirm rules and regulations with your pet transporter so that you can purchase any pet products that may be needed. Always take your dog for a long walk before the trip. Remember to advise your pet transporter of any specific requirements for your pet. You should keep your cat indoors for at least 24 hours at your new home. Never feed your pet too much before the trip. Unless it is absolutely necessary, it is best not to sedate your pet for the trip. (Moving Pets Utah County)

After you move to your new city in Utah County, remember to get a new pet ID tag with your new address and contact phone numbers. It is only about $10 per year. This gives you a tag and allows one free pick-up (otherwise costing $100) by the dog catcher in case your dog gets loose. 


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