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Pricing Your Home in Utah County

Pricing Your Home in Utah County to Get the Most Money

Pricing a home in Utah County is important. Many Sellers overprice a listing when first bringing the home into the Utah County Real Estate market. The single, biggest issue on most home sellers' minds when selling their homes in Utah County is how to achieve the highest sale price; yet most homeowners feel disadvantaged and ill-equipped to achieve this goal. Pricing a home is an imperfect science to begin with, and market factors, as well as the skill of the Realtor responsible for negotiating, can cause large swings. Pricing your home in Utah County correctly at the beginning is very important.

In fact, I had a home appraised in Springville, Utah in December 2011. The home was first appraised for $535k by one buyer. The buyer backed out and didn't buy the home. A second buyer came along a few weeks later and got an appraisal for $410k on the same home. It was later discovered that the exact same appraisal company had done both appraisals.  They were $125k different in the price! I have little respect for the appraisal system and know how to price a home correctly to sell in this market. Appraisals are like art--they are just one person's opinion.

However, negotiating effectively does not have to be as difficult or scary as you would expect. Like anything else, if you have a proven system to follow (and know the signals and the language), you can successfully cause the tables to turn in your favor. Who better to borrow these skills from than your Realtor, who sits across the table in trying to out-bargain his opponent on a daily basis?

pricing your home in utah county

The best way to get an offer accepted is to appeal to a buyer's emotions. Why? Because residential Real Estate transactions are put together--and sometimes blow up--over emotional hotbeds of insanity, lunacy, and what often seems to be bipolar mood swings. So it helps if you can give the seller a reason to care about you.

Let the potential buyer know why you fell in love with your home. Explain to them how you have taken care of the home. Tell them about the schools, neighbors, neighborhood, shopping, and after school activities. If they have children, tell them about the children in the neighborhood who would make great friends. Buyers don’t want to just buy the home itself, but they also want to buy a wonderful, positive environment that suits their family. Remember this:  Buyers are buying on emotion. If it feels good, they will pay much more money for an identical home in the right neighborhood. Do you need help pricing your home in Utah County?

Paul Teasdale has negotiated over one hundred eighty million dollars in homes right here in Utah County. Less than one percent of the Realtors in Utah County have this much home selling experience. Let us stand in your corner. We will save you time and money! If you need help pricing your home in Utah County contact Team Teasdale Realty.

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