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Showing Homes Utah County

Feedback on Every Showing of Your Home

Our Showing Feedback System Is Simply The Best! The image below shows how our phone numbers appear on the MLS. If I randomly call on a MLS listing, I will get one of the following:
                             1) The actual Realtor selling the home.
                             2) A call center in Ohio or Texas
                             3) A secretary or voicemail
                             4) An agent who has never seen the home.
If you call on one of our listings, you will get an Agent or Broker who has seen your home and is skilled at selling and promoting your Utah County home to fellow Agents and buyers. 

showing homes in utah county

Feedback on Every Showing of Your Utah County Home

We personally promote your home and tell fellow Realtors about the best features of your home when they set up a showing. Once the showing is complete, we call the Agent and ask the following questions: Do you want to make an offer? What did your client like or not like? What will it take to get an offer?

Most Realtors do not do feedback. It is a time consuming task to chase down the Realtors. Our feedback system has sold many homes over the years. We report feedback directly back to you. (showing homes utah county)

showing log utah realtors

Keyboxing Your Utah County Home

The nice thing about a keybox is that you can have your home shown when you are not home. Many sellers in Utah County love having a keybox on their home. It does not operate after hours. We love how the keybox has the technology to let us know who showed your home and the exact time (to the minute) it was shown. This information is instantly emailed to one of our Team Members. We then can confirm that the showing took place. This is especially helpful on a vacant home. If you don't want a keybox, you don't have to have one. On rare occasions, there is a seller who is always home and just doesn't want a keybox. We provide this feature on all of our listings, if desired.   

keybox utah homes
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