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Get a Hotlist of Utah County Properties on Acreage

Lots in Utah County rose like an internet stock from 2000-2007. However, from 2007-2012 the prices sank by up to 70% from their high. For example, I sold a half acre lot in a beautiful subdivision in Mapleton Utah for $65k. The lots around it sold a few years earlier for $220k. This is a considerable decrease. 

If you want a lot, the cheapest place to start is to find an older home on a large lot. I can often find a large lot with an older home that is worth the price of the lot. This means the home is practically free because of the value of the land.

When you are looking for a home with acreage, having current and accurate knowledge of what properties in Utah County are listed for is important. Our FREE Land Buyer's Early Bird Club specializes in researching and providing you with the latest information about the very best buys on private acreage homes in Utah County (1 acres and up) that are currently on the market. Would you like a list of Utah County lots for sale?

Our automated Early Bird Service enables you to get priority access to the hottest new Utah County lots for sale – giving you the competitive edge in finding the best buys before other buyers even know they exist. After all, the best deals quickly get snatched up by smart buyers like you.

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list of utah county lots for sale

Here Are Some Tips to Buying a Lot in Utah County

Use our "Map Search" above and select "Land and Lots." This is an excellent source for finding Utah County lots for sale. Contact Paul for more information about the lot. Paul instantly has much more information about the lot for sale. The public MLS does not allow all information to be published online. Consider the location in Utah County carefully, as well as proximity to shopping districts and parks, quality of the schools, traffic and congestion, public transit and the crime rate. Look at the lay of the land. Features such as steep drop-offs, drainage problems or poor access roads may increase costs.

Find out if utilities such as gas, electricity, sewer, garbage and water are available, especially if you are buying a lot off the beaten path, and how much it will cost to access them. Many land buyers underestimate the cost of bringing utilities to the lot. Find out if the land you are looking to purchase has improvements or not.

Define in general terms the structure you'd like to build, including square footage, number of floors, number and types of rooms, architectural style, as well as any specific features you want, such as a pool or large deck. Depending on the size and design of your home, a particular lot may or may not work. Each lot will have setback lines according to the plot plan and city requirements. A home can not be built outside of the setback lines. Recently I had a buyer fall in love with a improved lot in Santaquin, Utah and she discovered that a two car garage could fit and that a three car garage could not fit. Unfortunately, she had to cancel the contract because she wanted a three car garage. The area withing a lot where you can build a home is called the envelope.

hotlist utah properties acreage

Hire a Surveyor to Survey the Utah County Lot

Investigate what the future holds for neighboring properties. Will other homes be built? How many homes could be built? Are they zoned for residential or could commercial buildings be put in? How will this affect parking and traffic in the area? Is there a possibility of additional buildings or roads being added in the future? How will your view be impacted? Does the land required a monthly, quarterly, or yearly HOA fee? These are some very important questions if you are buying a Utah County lot.

Hire a surveyor to map out the specifics of the property. A Utah County Title Company can order this or refer you to a suitable surveyor. Costs will vary according to the time needed for the survey and how difficult the job is. Ask for estimates. Buy owner's title insurance. This coverage lets you gain clear title to the property. The cost will depend on the value of the land. If you purchase a lot in Utah County you will be required to purchase title insurance on the lot.  Put down earnest money to hold the property while you close the lot. Typically $500 to $1000 will hold a lot in Utah County.


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