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Mapleton Utah Information

Information About Mapleton Utah

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Facts About Mapleton Utah
Information About Mapleton Utah
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Mapleton Utah General Information

Mapleton Utah Information: In its early days, Mapleton was mainly a farming and orchard community. Many early settlers planted cherry orchards on the area's north bench. Now, much of the city's farmland and many of its orchards have been converted into residential subdivisions, and the city is more of a bedroom community.

With a 5% average annual rate of growth, Mapleton has experienced a steady increase of population during the last decade. When compared with other Utah County cities, Mapleton's median age and average household size are about average.

Mapleton Utah Information

Origin of Cities Name: Mapleton Utah

An outgrowth of Springville, the city was named after the groves of maple trees in the area. It was originally called Union Bench by a group of early settlers who grazed livestock on the bench south of Springville. Date of Incorporation: April 1, 1948.

Mapleton Utah is a City in Utah County

The majestic mountain that serves as the city's backdrop is known throughout Utah County as Mapleton Mountain. However, some Mapleton residents call it Sierra Bonita, as named by a group of Ute Indians. The name means beautiful mountain, and geography experts say it is one of the best shaped in the country.

What is My Mapleton Utah Home Worth?

Mapleton Utah Information. Forget about guesses, appraisals, dream prices, ineMapletonperienced Realtors' opinions. How about reality on what your Mapleton Utah Home is Worth? Our service is fast, friendly, FREE and without obligation. We will prepare a 10 page color report comparing your home to similar sold homes in your neighborhood.

Mapleton Utah Compared to State Average

* Median house value above state average.
* Unemployed percentage below state average.
* Median age significantly below state average.
* Foreign-born population percentage below state average.
* Renting percentage significantly below state average.
* Number of rooms per house significantly above state average.
* House age below state average.

Mapleton  Utah County Real Estate Homes for Sale

Mapleton Utah Information - Homes for Sale. Search Mapleton Utah Bank Foreclosures and Mapleton Utah Short Sales for Sale. Hire a local Mapleton Utah Realtor. Click the "Map Search" below and see an instant list of all the available homes for sale in Mapleton Utah.

Several members of Team Teasdale Realty currently live and work in Mapleton.  Paul Teasdale has lived in Mapleton for over 12 years.  This Team of Mapleton Utah Realtors specializes in selling homes in Mapleton and are very familiar with the subdivisions, values and market conditions.

Mapleton Utah Information

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