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Mapleton Utah Facts

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Why I LOVE Mapleton Utah . . .

Paul lives in Mapleton with his wife and six children. Mapleton City is nestled against the majestic foothills of Sierra Bonita Mountain in the Wasatch Range. A unique community having the advantage of 60 percent of the land being undeveloped within the corporate boundaries of the City. The rural atmosphere combined with the friendliness of its citizens have attracted an influx of new residents to the area. The current population is approximately 7,997 with the State projecting a population of 20,000 in the Year 2020.

To avoid jeopardizing the open space ambiance and spectacular views in every direction, the City has been and will be pro-active in its planning scope to accommodate diversified residential, commercial, and recreational interests.

Mapleton Utah Facts

Mapleton Utah Facts: History

Here are some more Mapleton Utah Facts: The first permanent settlers came to Mapleton about 1870. A rural community, it was founded in 1900 as Union Bench. Maple Canyon and Hobble Creek Canyon offer scenic drives. To the east of Mapleton is Sierra Bonita Mountain. The town was originally known as "Union Bench" until 1901, when the name was changed to Mapleton. Mapleton was officially incorporated in 1948.  The settling of Mapleton: 1870  The founding of Mapleton: 1900

The area was first settled in 1850, and for a time was known as Union Bench. It started out as an agricultural extension of Springville, Utah. Legal action between residents of Springville and what became Mapleton, largely over water rights, allowed Mapleton to chart its own course beginning in 1901. Mapleton was finally incorporated in 1948.

Mapleton Utah Facts

Mapleton is still a somewhat rural area, but is rapidly suburbanizing in the wake of development. Numerous large subdivisions like Triple Crown, Harvest Park and Eagle Rock have been approved in recent years. None of the city touches the I-15, which has kept the city more rural than neighboring Springville Utah and Spanish Fork Utah. The main artery through town is US89. Mapleton uses innovative planning techniques, including Transferable Development Rights (TDRs) to preserve the foothills. Mapleton retains a small town charm. Many of the homes are located on large lots with most minimum lot sizes ranging from one-third acre to 2 acres.  Buyers will find many one acre lots in Mapleton.

There are two restaurants in Mapleton - the Model A Cafe, and Subway, both located at the intersection of Highway 89 and Maple Street.  Parks include Mapleton City Park (SE corner of Main and Maple Streets), Ira Allen Park (NW Corner of 800 West and 2000 South), Eagle Rock Park (~800 South 800 East), and North Park (~1400 West 1600 North). Other landmarks include the "Old White Church" (LDS) at the SW corner of Main and Maple Streets, the Pioneer Heritage Museum and Levi Kendall Log Cabin located at 115 South Main Street, the Mapleton City Offices, located at 125 West Community Center Way (400 North), and the Mapleton City Public Works Building (1405 West 1600 North).

Statistics and Facts About Mapleton Utah

The population of Mapleton is approximately 7,997 (2010). The amount of land area in Mapleton is 23.931 sq. kilometers. The amount of land area in Mapleton is 10.47 sq. miles. Mapleton is positioned 40.12 degrees north of the equator and 111.57 degrees west of the prime meridian. Mapleton elevation is 4,724 feet above sea level.

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Mapleton Utah Facts

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