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Alpine Utah Information

Alpine Utah Facts: General Information About Alpine Utah

Alpine Utah General Information

Alpine Utah Information: Alpine is a small bedroom community located in the foothills of Mount Timpanogos in northeastern Utah County. Most Utah County residents consider it a great place to live. "There is nothing big about Alpine, but everybody that lives here likes it," a lifelong resident and City Councilman stated. In fact, a 1999 Dan Jones & Associates poll showed that Alpine was voted the number one place Utah County residents would choose to live if they were to move somewhere else in the county With a median age of 21 and an average household size of 4.54, Alpine households are some of the youngest and largest in the County. A steadily growing community, Alpine's average annual rate of population change from 1990 to 2000 was 7.4%.

alpine utah information

Origin of Cities Name: Alpine Utah

Settled in the fall of 1850 by cattlemen W.H. Hooper, Quincy Knowleton, and George M. Burgess, the community was originally called Fort Wordsworth, after William S. Wordsworth. It was later named Dry Creek Settlement and Mountainville. The name was changed to Alpine at the time of incorporation because the area reminded Brigham Young of the Swiss Alps.  Date of Incorporation: January 19, 1855.

Alpine Utah Information

Alpine is part of the Provo-Orem, Utah Area.  The population was 9555 at the 2010 censu.  Alpine has been one of the many quickly-growing cities of Utah since the 1970s, and especially the 1990s. Real Estate prices have increased over the years.  Since 2007 the prices have declined but buyers still love Apline and continue to buy in the decline.  It is located on the slopes of the Wasatch Range north of Highland and American Fork. The west side of the city also runs above the Wasatch Fault. The city is so named because when it was first settled, the Latter-day Saint Prophet Brigham Young visited and said the town reminded him of the Swiss Alps. 

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Alpine Utah Information: Schools in Utah

Despite being a fairly small town geographically, Alpine is home to four schools. Three of the schools are a part of the Alpine School District, while the fourth, Mountainville Academy, is a charter school for grades K-9. Alpine Elementary and Westfield Elementary are Alpine District Schools for grades K-6. Both of the Alpine District elementary schools feed into Timberline Middle School, a 7-9 grade school.

Alpine Utah Information: Compared to State Average

* Median household income above state average.
* Median house value significantly above state average.
* Median age significantly below state average.
* Renting percentage significantly below state average.
* Length of stay since moving in below state average.
* Number of rooms per house significantly above state average.
* House age significantly below state average.

Alpine Utah Homes for Sale

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Alpine Utah Facts

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