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Eagle Mountain Utah Information

Information About Eagle Mountain Utah

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Information About Eagle Mountain Utah
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Eagle Mountain Utah General Information

Eagle Mountain Utah Information: Eagle Mountain is one of Utah's newest towns. It is one of the very few towns since Pioneer times that was planned before it was incorporated. When fully developed, Eagle Mountain will be a pedestrian-friendly community that will make it possible for many residents to access shops and services within walking distance from their homes.

This new-age community may be the first in Utah designed with a recognition of the profound changes taking place in the work environment due to telecommunications. Wide band communication links (fiber optics) are available to every  address. Eagle Mountain offers an abundance of business sites, including industrial property and reasonably-priced business campus environments. A new airport with taxiway access for corporate operations is in the development stages. Since its incorporation at the end of 1996, Eagle Mountain has grown from 490 residents to 2,157. With a median age of 21.1, Eagle Mountain residents are some of the youngest in the county.

Eagle Mountain Utah Information

Did You Know this About: Eagle Mountain Utah.

Eagle Mountain's core developmental area will be the prime Utah example of "New Urbanism" or "Traditional Neighborhood Design." The town's open space planning allows agricultural operations to co-exist with development. The historic Pony Express Trail crosses Eagle Mountain.

Eagle Mountain Utah is a City in Utah County

Eagle Mountain City is a master-planned community that captures a neighborhood feel in the midst of Utah’s urban corridor. Eagle Mountain sits just 40 miles southwest of Salt Lake City and 30 miles northwest of Provo, Utah at the western base of the Lake Mountains. The historic Pony Express Trail runs though the city.

Since its incorporation in December 1996, the city’s population has grown from 250 residents to more than 23,000, becoming one of the state’s fastest growing communities. The population is expected to grow at 10% over the next several years.

Eagle Mountain residents enjoy quiet, safe neighborhoods with plenty of open space where families can play and spend time together. The city’s master plan includes more than 30 miles of jogging, bike, and horse trails, connecting Eagle Mountain’s residential developments. In a 2011 statistical survey, more than 93% of residents rated their quality of life as “good” or “excellent.”

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