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Information About Lindon Utah
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Lindon Utah Information: Lindon is a mile-long hamlet in northeastern Utah County stretching from the foothills on the east to Utah Lake on the west. It is bisected by U.S. 89, or State Street. The city is a mixture of orchards, businesses, and residences and is dotted with sturdy homes built around the turn of the century. Like most of the cities in Utah County, Lindon is family-oriented. Of its 1,935 households, 1,676 are headed by married couples. Lindon is a fast growing community. Its population more than doubled during the past 10 years, and its average annual rate of change for 1990 to 2000 was 8.2%. With an average household size of 4.27, Lindon's households are much larger than the county's average. Lindon is a city in Utah County, Utah. It is part of the Provo Utaho-Orem Utah, Utah Metropolitan Statistical Area.  The population was 10,348 at the 2011 census.

Lindon Utah Information

Origin of Cities Name: Lindon Utah

Established in 1850 as an outgrowth of Pleasant Grove, the settlement was originally known as Stringtown because the houses were built along a single road -- U.S. 89. An old linden tree growing in the town in 1901 inspired the current name. A stagecoach line stopped by the large linden tree to drop off mail. The community leaders wanted to have a Post Office there so they sent a petition to Washington, D.C. When the request was granted and authorization forms were sent, the name had been incorrectly spelled: L-i-n-d-o-n. Due to the time and trouble involved in petitioning for the correct spelling, they allowed it to remain Lindon. Date of Incorporation: March 5, 1924.

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Lindon Utah Information: History

Lindon has an abundant cultural and historical background. Originally settled in 1861, Lindon began as Mormon pioneers moved into what was then the Lindon grazing land. The town was originally named "String Town" because of the way the houses were strung up and down the street. An old linden tree Tilia growing in town in 1901 inspired the present (misspelled) name. Over the past century Lindon has seen organized development, but it has tried to remain true to its motto: Lindon: a little bit of country.

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