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Payson Utah Information

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Payson Utah General Information

Payson Utah Information: Payson is a small, historic community located at the entrance to a beautiful 30-mile long valley near Mt. Nebo in southern Utah County. In just a ten minute drive, residents can enjoy hunting, fishing, camping, and other nature-related activities. Each summer, Payson hosts three well-known festivals: The Scottish Festival, The Salmon Supper, and Golden Onion Days. Payson also boasts  a 400-acre campus style industrial center that is adjacent to I-15 and two rail lines. Between 1998 and 2000, Payson experienced some rapid growth, gaining nearly 1,800 new residents. Payson's median age, 24.4, and household size, 3.71, are both above the county's averages.

Payson a city in Utah County, Utah.  It is part of the Provo Utah-Orem Utah, Utah Metropolitan Statistical Area.  The population was 12,716 at the 2000 census. The current mayor is Rick Moore, who in the 2009 election was the first write-in candidate ever to defeat an incumbent mayor in the state of Utah.

Payson Utah Information

Origin of Cities Name: Payson Utah

Payson was named for James Pace, one of the original Mormon pioneers, who settled there in 1850. For a while the settlement was known as Pacen, which changed when the town was incorporated.

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Payson  Utah Information: Schools in Utah

Payson is served by Nebo School District. Public schools in this district within Payson include the following: Payson High School, Payson Junior High School, Mt. Nebo Jr. High, Barnett Elementary, Parkview Elementary, Springlake Elementary, Taylor Elementary, Wilson Elementary. Payson High School is one of the very few schools in the USA that has its own Bagpipe Band. See a complete list of Schools in Payson, Utah.

Payson Utah: Scottish Heritage Festival

Payson is the site of the annual Scottish Heritage Festival, held every July. Other annual festivities include a salmon supper, held every August, and the Onion Days festival, held every Labor Day weekend. The city also has band concerts in the Memorial Park, and has had such concerts since the early 1950s.

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Payson Utah Information - Homes for Sale. Search Payson Utah Bank Foreclosures and Payson Utah Short Sales for Sale. Hire a local Payson Utah Realtor. Click the "Map Search" below and see an instant list of all the available homes for sale in Payson Utah. Search Information About Payson Utah Real Estate.

Payson Utah Facts


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