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Pleasant Grove Utah Information

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Pleasant Grove Utah General Information

Pleasant Grove Utah Information: Situated below Mt. Timpanogas, Pleasant Grove is a small town with great community pride and satisfaction. Its close location to urban areas allows its residents to maintain a pleasant life style and at the same time enjoy a personal, small-town atmosphere.  During the past decade, Pleasant Grove experienced steady growth, averaging an average annual rate change of 5.7%. From 1998 to 2000 alone the city gained nearly 3,000 new residents. With a median age of 23.6 and an average household size of 3.88, Pleasant Grove is right in line with the county averages.

Origin of Cities Name: Pleasant Grove Utah

Pleasant Grove has existed under many names. It was established in 1849 when a Mormon group, including William H. Adams, Philo T. Farnsworth and John Mercer, settled there. They built a fort and named it Grove Fort. After a disagreement with local Indians, the settlement became Battle Creek. In March 1851, the name was finally changed to Pleasant Grove.

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Pleasant Grove Utah Information

On July 19, 1850, William H. Adams, John Mercer and Philo T. Farnsworth, Mormon pioneers, sent by Brigham Young, arrived at the area now known as Pleasant Grove and staked out farms in what is now the southwest corner of the city. A small community was established September 13, 1850, consisting of George S. Clark and his wife, Susannah Dalley Clark, Richard and Ann Elizabeth Sheffer Clark, John Greenleaf Holman and Nancy Clark Holman, Lewis Harvey and his wife Lucinda Clark Harvey, Johnathan Harvey and Sarah Herbert Harvey, Charles Price and wife and child, Widow Harriet Marler and children, John Wilson, Ezekiel Holman, and possibly one or two others, relatives of those mentioned. Pleasant Grove was officially incorporated as a town January 18, 1855, by which time the settlement had grown 623 people.

The original name of the city was Battle Creek, Utah. It was named for a battle which took place there in 1849 between Mormon settlers and a small band of Ute Indians. The settlers later decided they needed a more uplifting name and began calling their town Pleasant Grove after a grove of cottonwood trees located between Battle Creek and Grove Creek, near the current-day intersection of Locust Avenue and Battle Creek Drive. A monument with a plaque describing this battle is located at Kiwanis Park, at the mouth of Battle Creek Canyon.

During the Walker Indian War in the 1850s, citizens built a fort with walls two or three feet thick and six feet tall that occupied an area the size of sixteen city blocks. The settlers in the area at the time built homes inside the fort. While the fort no longer stands, memorial cornerstones were erected by local historians. The northeast monument was erected near the intersection of 100 North and 300 East Streets. The northwest monument was erected four blocks west of that point at 100 West Street and the southeast monument erected four blocks south at 300 South Street. The southwest monument would have been located near 300 South 100 West, the area is now occupied by a large parking lot and retail store

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Pleasant Grove Utah Information

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