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There are 73 different properties for sale in Salem, Utah. Most of these properties are residential single family homes. Prices of Salem Real Estate have gone down over the last four years. Prices range from a low of $69,000 to $1,820,000. In 2013 houses that sold had a median sold price of $240,500.  In the 3rd quarter of 2013 the average single family home that sold in Salem was $257,065.

Other real estate on the market in Salem includes 7 condos, 1 multi-unit buildings including duplexes, triplex, and fourplexes and other multi-family properties for sale.

Request a daily list of Salem Utah homes for sale: List of Salem Utah Homes for Sale. If you have questions about buying or selling a home in Salem Utah contact a group of Utah County Realtors. If you need help Selling a home in Salem  Utah let Team Teasdale Realty give you a free comparative market analysis (CMA).

Neighborhoods and Developments in Salem Utah

There are new and old homes alike in Salem. Many of the major neighborhoods and developments have names like Dream View, South Valley View, Nelson Landing, Ranch Meadows, Salem Heights, Badger Hollow, Meadows at Mt. Loafer, Sheen, Salem Park, Cherry Ridge and Harvest Ridge.

Salem Utah Homes for Sale: Condos and Townhomes

Salem Condos for Sale - Salem has a few luxury condos for sale. They are mostly found in the townhome project called South Valley Estates,  Condos offer several advantages over single family homes. Namely, they are substantially less expensive per square foot, and they include very little land. Home Owners Insurance on condos is also cheaper than single family homes as the exterior of condos is usually covered by the monthly home owners association (HOA) fee. View Salem Utah Condos for Sale. Sell a Home in Salem Utah.

Search MLS Listings for Salem Utah Condos for Sale

It is definitely a buyers market in Salem. In the third quarter of 2012, 27 residential properties listed on the MLS were sold. The average MLS listing has been on the market for a hundred days. Home prices may drop a little more as there are many motivated sellers, short sales and bank foreclosures in Salem. The bottom is difficult to predict.  Large real estate discounts can especially be found on the high end, land, and spec homes as many properties are entering default and are in danger of foreclosure and or short sale.  The majority of Salem homes for sale are sold by Realtors and are listed on the Multiple Listing Service.

Salem Utah Homes for Sale: Bank Foreclosures and Short Sales

The unapproved short sales can take along time to get approved and are rarely worth the wait in most cases. Would you like to search bank foreclosures and short sales only in Salem?  The links below provide lists of only Salem Utah Short Sales and Salem Utah Bank Foreclosures.


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