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Saratoga Springs Utah Information

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Saratoga Springs Utah General Information

Saratoga Springs Utah Information: Saratoga Springs is Utah County's youngest city. It is located west of Lehi and northwest of Utah Lake. This community has a long-term policy towards development and wants to always be a "model city that maintains and improves on the standards of living that brought people to the area."

Since its incorporation at the end of 1997, Saratoga Springs has grown from 217 to 1,003 residents and is continuing to grow. With a median age of 26 and a household size of 3.7, Saratoga Springs households are older and smaller than much of the county's.

Date of Incorporation: December 30, 1997.  Saratoga Springs is a city in Utah County, Utah.  The elevation is 4,505 feet. It is part of the Provo Utah-Orem Utah, Utah Metropolitan Statistical Area.  The city is a relatively new development along the northern shores of Utah Lake.  Saratoga Springs has been growing rapidly since 1997. The population was 1,003 at the  2000 census, while the 2009 estimates placed it at 16,125, making it one of the fastest growing US cities during this time period.  The 2010 census states population at 17,781 meeting expectations of growth despite the state of the economy. Although Saratoga Springs was a town in 2000, it has since been classified as a fifth-class city by state law.

Saratoga Springs Utah Information. 

What is My Saratoga Springs Utah Home Worth?

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Saratoga Springs Utah: Fastest Growing City

The City of Saratoga Springs is one of Utah's fastest growing cities both residentially and commercially. New businesses are arriving everyday providing services to residents closer to home. With a lakeside front and fantastic views of the valley, Saratoga Springs offers many attractions that other Cities do not.

Saratoga Springs Utah Compared to State Average

* Median house value above state average.
* Unemployed percentage below state average.
* Median age significantly below state average.
* Foreign-born population percentage above state average.
* Renting percentage significantly below state average.
* Length of stay since moving in significantly below state average.
* Number of rooms per house above state average.
* House age significantly below state average.

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Saratoga Springs Utah Information - Homes for Sale. Search Saratoga Springs Utah Bank Foreclosures and Saratoga Springs Utah Short Sales for Sale. Hire a local Saratoga Springs Utah Realtor. Click the "Map Search" below and see an instant list of all the available homes for sale in Saratoga Springs Utah.

Saratoga Springs Information

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