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Provo Utah Home Sale Affordable

How to Buy an Affordable Provo Utah Home

Are you looking to buy an affordable Provo Utah Home? The most affordable real estate in Utah County is mobile homes, small bungalo homes and condos. The problem with a mobile home is most the time you don't own the land and get stuck renting it. If the land owners raise the price the rent goes up.

Information About Buying a Pre-Foreclosure in Provo Utah

Pre-Foreclosure means the owner is a few months delinquent in mortgage payments or HOA dues. Many of these Provo homes or condos never go to foreclosure as the owner catches up with the debt owed, or arranges a loan modification.  Another name for pre-foreclosure is a short sale. There are two types of short sale homes in Provo UT. The first and the best is called the approved short sales. The less than desirable is called the unapproved short sale. Unapproved short sales are often very difficult to buy.

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